LadyDiamonds88 (ladydiamonds88) wrote,

searching for paintshop pro

hey everyone!
hope everyone have a great weekend, I am searching for free paintshop pro (not trial version) I know I have downloaded it somewhere in past I don't remember where it is at.. =( I really appreciates anyone who have a link where I can download it. thanks!
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I haven't tested this personally, but I'm told it works. I sent out a request for it in one of my graphics groups. Hope it works for you :)

PSP X with Keygen + Upgrades
Can only work on windows XP and higher
Install; for a serial number, use the included KeyGenBR
Hi Cath
It won't work it said I have to pay for it to download it or something. =( I know u tried to help me out here. thanks for your help Cathy. Much appreciated.
Hmm it shouldn't charge for downloading. When you click the link and get to the site it takes you to, scroll down a bit and you'll see a "free" option. Click that and it'll tell you that you have to wait a minute or so, and it'll have a countdown for you. Then it'll change to 2 or 3 letters/numbers that you have to enter as a code, and it'll let you download from there. There should be a keygen in that download to unlock the program for you.
thanks cathy, I got it now.. =)